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Experienced LegalGenius Defective Product Lawyers work on class action and mass tort lawsuits across the United States and Canada. Class action lawsuits typically involve consumer fraud or defective products, where a large number of people suffering similar harm collaboratively suing another entity, such as a company or organization. In mass tort litigation cases, often related to defective medical devices and pharmaceuticals, injured plaintiffs retain their own individual lawsuits. At LegalGenius, we want to look at every case involving serious injury or death.

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    Defective Products

    • Defective Tires
      Tire failure can result in a serious automotive accident and even an automotive rollover accident which can cause serious injury or death to the occupants of the vehicles involved. Air, heat and sunlight can cause the rubber in tires to breakdown. When a tire is defective, potentially serious problems like a blowout can occur long before the tire would be expected to be worn out. If the tire failure is the result of a manufacturing or design defect, and the manufacturer is aware of the issue, they have an obligation to alert consumers to the potential danger.
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    • Heavy Truck Product Liability Claims
      Heavy trucks are not required to contain many of the same protections for occupants as a small passenger car does. The trucks can contain extremely dangerous defects putting the truck driver or passengers at risk of serious injury or death. These trucks often times have particularly weak roofs that crush during rollovers. The passenger compartments are often not protected by effective cab guards, thus allowing loads to shift in the truck cab. LegalGenius Class Action lawyers can review any case involving tragic injury or death.
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    • On-the-Job Product Liability
      Often times, product claims arise from workers compensation claims. After LegalGenius investigates the circumstances that caused the injuries, we often find a defective machine that may have causes the injury.
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    • Product Liability
      LegalGenius Class Action lawyers continue to focus on accident cases that involve automobiles, consumer products and heavy equipment. Some of the auto cases involve single-vehicle crashes, while others involve multiple-vehicle accidents. We would like to review any case involving catastrophic injury or death.
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    • 18-Wheeler Accidents
      LegalGenius Class Action lawyers understand the major differences between handling an interstate trucking case versus any other automotive accidents. It is essential to have knowledge of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, technology, insurance coverage, business practices, and to have the ability to discover written and electronic records. Expert testimony is of the utmost importance here at LegalGenius. Accidents involving semi-trucks and passenger vehicles often result in unfortunate serious injury or death. Trucking companies and their insurance companies send accident investigators to the scene of a truck accident to begin working so they can limit their liability in these tragic situations. At LegalGenius, our staff will immediately begin the important task of documenting and preserving all evidence.
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    Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices

    • Transvaginal Mesh
      The FDA has issued and updated safety communication warning doctors and patients that the placement of surgical mesh through the vagina to treat pelvic organ prolapse may present greater risk for the patient than other options. According to the FDA, reported complications from using the mesh include the mesh becoming exposed or protruding out of the vaginal tissue, pain, infection, organ perforation and urinary problems.
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