The Legal Genius Approach

LegalGenius, PLLC is a different kind of law firm.

The LegalGenius approach sets us apart from other law firms:

  • Our results are unparalleled.
  • A partner manages every case.
  • We bring a personalized approach to every client.
  • LegalGenius, PLLC attorneys possess the sophistication of the nation’s largest law firms in a boutique, specialized small firm setting.

Other reasons to choose LegalGenius

1: We Care.

LegalGenius, PLLC is large enough to serve you yet small enough to care. We have the resources, size and strength to WIN YOUR CASE. When you call our office, we call you back and that is GUARANTEED. If you visit our website and post an inquiry, an attorney will respond within 5 minutes; GUARANTEED. Our offices are staffed with legal professionals dedicated to serving our clients’ legal needs. We take pride in knowing our clients personally and even make it a point to assist you with other problems unrelated to your case. Since you’re the most important person in our office, we listen carefully to what you have to say.

2: We Win.

We’ve been fighting for the rights of our clients for nearly 30 years. All of our attorneys are trial lawyers. While most cases can be settled without filing suit, you need to know that you have an experienced trial lawyer on your side. If you have a personal injury case we will not hesitate to go to trial should a lawsuit be necessary to obtain a reasonable recovery. In our personal injury practice, we have recovered tens of MILLIONS of dollars for our clients. Attorneys in our family practice group do not hesitate to go to trial for divorce and child custody cases if that is what is required. Our criminal defense attorneys are some of the most respected in the State of Michigan. Experience definitely counts.

3: Anytime, Anywhere… Evenings & Weekends.

If you cannot come into our office then we come to you. We know that injuries can make travel difficult. If you can’t come to us, we’ll come to you whether you are laid up at home or in the hospital. In some instances we can even open a file for you over the phone or via the internet. Or we can send our LegalGenius green vehicles to shuttle you to our office. We can see you any time, anywhere including evenings and weekends. You can call us toll free anytime at 1-800-209-4000 or visit our website 24/7 and an attorney will respond to you within 5 minutes.


4: Technology – Ask the Genius.

Our original website, unveiled in 2000 was truly “genius” from its inception. Our clients are able to submit a legal issue through Ask the Genius™ to some of the most respected attorneys on a friendly and easy-to-use website and get a response with expert advice and personal service within 5 minutes. We employ the latest technology to better communicate with our clients. This is part of our Anytime Anywhere strategy. We can email you status updates on your case, respond to your emails or Internet inquiries from our cutting edge mobile devices on-the-fly. We use the latest in computer and communications technology in order to streamline the process of legal research and utilize computer animation for courtroom presentations; we also employ video presenters to allow for the effective and meaningful presentation of evidence in your case. We use this technology in order to enhance the likelihood of a settlement or verdict in your favor.

Ask the Genius

Do I have a case?

The following information you provide is strictly confidential. Our office will only use this information to determine the viability of your legal claim. To send a question to, please fill out our form. Please supply as much information as possible – the more information you provide the more constructive our response will be.

A member of our legal team will contact you within 5 minutes. There is always the possibility of delay but we always respond to your question the same day. We will contact you by phone or email, so make sure your telephone number and email address are correct.

You can always contact us; call 1-800-209-4000.

We answer calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.