Michigan Premises Liability Lawyer

People who get hurt on another person’s property can potentially recover compensation for their injuries. Some common Premises Liability situations may include the following examples:

  1. A case of Slip and Fall- A customer at a grocery store falls due to the store’s neglect to mop up their floor.
  2. A case of Inadequate Maintenance- A tree branch falls on a passer by because of the Landlord’s lack of maintenance of the property.
  3. A case of Defective Conditions- The owner of a store fails to repair a broken floor tile or warn customers of it.

If a person is injured on the property of another, the court will impose the Premises Liability law on the property owner if the owner owes the injured person a degree of care, and if that care was neglected.

When a person is invited and incurs an injury on the property, the property owner owes the invitee the highest level of care. An example of an invitee would be a customer at a grocery store, since grocery stores welcome customers to shop at their store. Because of that invite, the owner of the property is obligated to perform the highest levels of maintenance to insure that the store and its grounds are meeting required safety standards.

If a Licensee visits a property where there is a lack of maintenance, the owner is usually obligated to treat that person with nearly the same level of care as they do an invitee. Trespassers are entitled to the least amount of care from the property owner, unless the property owner becomes aware of the trespasser, or if the trespasser is a child. If an employee is injured on a property, it is the Workers’ Compensation law, rather than the Premises Liability law that comes into effect.


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