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Preventing a slip & fall and the resulting injuries isn’t necessarily about being more careful. People on multiple medications can be at higher risk of falling; for example anti depressants and anti pyschotics directly affect balance. Blood pressure medications (used by 70% of people above the age of 70) can cause dizziness and often contributes to falling. Sleep medication can cause a wobbly gait.

Regular exercise can help especially those that incorporate balance drills. Reducing the number of trip hazards at home can prevent falls; area rugs can be removed and stairways and floors should be kept clear of trip and fall threats such as toys and shoes. But in addition, people should have their eyes checked once a year beyond the age of 70; take vitamin D to improve muscle strength and balance and most importantly; don’t let ego get in the way of asking a friend, family member or loved one for help. The attorneys at LegalGenius have very successful and achieved unparalleled results for our clients injured by a slip & fall/trip & fall, even in cases where these defenses have been raised and we achieve these great results by being smarter, more creative and we never stop fighting for our clients.

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    One of our secrets to success (no longer a secret after it’s disclosed here) is making an argument on our clients behalf that defense attorneys believe is a distinction without a difference, however we disagree. Premises liability claims arise from conditions of the premises under the defendant’s control- that sounds simple but it’s not. Consider a slip & fall event at an entrance to grocery store on water “tracked in” from outside rain water or snow. Most every attorney will reject this client’s case because the water is an open and obvious condition and/or the result of water naturally brought in from the conditions outside. However, our attorneys represent clients with this exact scenario and we’ll be successful. Because we put forth the argument on behalf of our clients that not only was our client’s injury caused by an unsafe condition of the premises but also, the injury was caused by the conduct of the grocery store for failing to clean up the spill after having notice. Many conditions of a premises arise not only as a result of the condition of the premises but also out of the person’s actions having control over the premises.

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    Some examples of cases where we achieved outstanding results for our clients include:

    Client contacted 2 attorneys, all of whom rejected this case and then she contacted LegalGenius.
    Porch of rental property had slight gap between the porch and the door. Client’s high heel shoes became stuck in the gap causing ankle fracture. Insurance company maintained this gap was open & obvious and our client is not entitled to recovery. LegalGenius won! We recovered $265,000 for our client.

    Client contacted 3 attorneys, all of whom rejected this case and then he contacted LegalGenius.
    Our client slipped and fell on ice near the entry way to a building fracturing suffering a leg fracture and torn rotator cuff. The insurance company claimed the ice is an open and obvious condition and also had naturally accumulated and therefore our client had no case. We successfully argued the building employees and snow removal company caused the dangerous condition. LegalGenius won. We recovered $400,000 for our client.

    Client slipped and fell on recently laid concrete sidewalk – in-ground sprinklers caused the concrete to become wet and slippery and out client fell resulting in a fractured arm. Again, the insurance company argued there no defective condition and therefore no liability. However, we demonstrated the “coefficient of friction” of the recently laid concrete was insufficient for sidewalk use. LegalGenius won! We recovered $195,000 for our client.

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