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Are you a victim of discrimination or harassment at work?

Whether you are an employee or job candidate who believes that you’ve been the target of unlawful workplace discrimination or harassment, you deserve experienced legal representation to handle your case in the most effective way possible. While employment cases are known to be challenging, due to federal and/or state involvement and the possibility of going to trial, LegalGenius Employment lawyers know the ins and outs of Employment Litigation so they can confidently and expertly handle your case.

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    Preparing for your Employment Discrimination case

    • What is your employer’s anti-discrimination policy? It’s extremely useful to have this information, whether you decide to file a complaint with your company directly or you choose to move forward with litigation.
    • Document a timeline for when the discrimination or harassment took place. Keeping track of specific dates and details helps to strengthen the investigation of your case.
    • Protect your legal rights by filing suit as soon as possible after the incident occurs.
    • Don’t be afraid to file your discrimination suit. Employers are legally prohibited to retaliate against you after you file a claim, and also are forbidden from creating a hostile work environment due to a discrimination charge.
    • Contact your state Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) for specific information regarding your case.


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