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Suffering an injury as a result of an auto (car) accident, work related injury (workers comp) or other similar personal injury incident can leave you not only in pain, but frustrated as well.  Insurance companies can make the process even more confusing. If you’ve been injured  – from an auto accident, personal injury, or a workers comp case in Georgia and need help call us today.

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The Truth About Car Accidents

  • Non-fatal injuries occur in one out of every six accidents in the U.S.
  • Victims become disabled in one out of every ten accidents each year.
  • Low-speed accidents can result in significant personal injury even though the property damage is minimal.
  • Degenerative injuries can remain undetected or undiagnosed for months after an accident.
  • One of the most serious types of auto accidents is rollover accidents and a large number of rollover accidents involve SUVs.
  • Rollover accidents account for almost two of every ten auto accident fatalities, more than one third of pickup truck fatalities, and more than half of SUV accident deaths.
  • Rollovers may be caused by road defects, poor tires, vehicle design flaws. If gross negligence can be established for any of these factors, a lawsuit is certainly justified.

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