When the employee of an organization gets injured on the job, they are entitled to ‘Workers’ Compensation.’ Workers’ Compensation is a set of laws that insures an employee a set monetary income without the hassle of litigation and the potential costs associated with it if the person becomes injured or disabled on the job. In order to protect fellow workers and employers, there are laws that limit the amount of compensation that an injured worker can get and which also protect employers and fellow workers from liability in the case of accidents. State statutes govern the state framework; Federal statutes are limited to Federal employees or those who are involved in interstate commerce. The fairness of workers’ compensation statutes is highly controversial, with the claimants, (injured workers,) and claimant attorneys arguing the need for greater benefits, while the employer/insurance carrier side argues that excessive fraud in the system causes unnecessary and inappropriate costs.


Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs


The Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs administers several statutes of the ‘Workers’ Compensation’ program. These include:


*Federal Employment Compensation Act: This provides compensation for non-military, federal employees. Under this act, the awards are limited to employees who endure disabilities or die during the employees’ performance but not caused intentionally by the employee or by intoxication.


*Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act: This provides compensation to certain employees of private employers.


*Black Lung Benefits Act: This provides compensation for miners who suffer from Pneumoconiosis.




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